RWC5020A/B Firmware Release V1.216 Mar 11 2020






[RF Performance]

3. In the RX sensitivity test in GWT mode, the RWC5020x should not be counted as an error when a packet was not received from the DUT, but it was counted as an error.

4. Improve comment message for the RX sensitivity test in GWT mode.


5. The RX polarity and SF setting didn’t work correctly. It may make problems receiving LoRa packets correctly.

6. Improved not stop running NST RX function after changing RX Packet parameters.

7. Remove DUT TYPE parameters from NST TX, RX and MFG to avoid complexity.

[Link Analyzer]

8. Fixed the Bug. When the frequency band is changed from high (862~960MHz) to Low(400~510MHz), the Lora modulation chip sometimes failed to initialize and stops working.

9. In EDT mode, even if DUT sent Join-request message over an invalid channel, but RWC5020x responded. From this version, RWC5020x marks this join-request message as a channel error and stops responding.

10. Add Periodic Downlink option (None, Confirmed, Unconfirmed) in Class A Mode.

11. Fix the FPort display error. If there is no payload, Fport was displayed as 000. It is changed to display as “---“.


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