FW/SW V1.211 for RWC5020A/B

This version (V1.211) includes the following modifications:


-        Default value of Channel Mask for AS923 in GWT was not correct (7: 3-channel enabled). It is changed to 3 for only two channels enabled.

-        In SKT TC01, RWC5020x sent DUT reset command to the DUT even after received Join Request message from DUT due to unclear timeout function to retry reset.

-        Because the UL interval for some DUTs is very long, the max of MAC_ANS_TO was increased from 600 seconds to 6,000 seconds.

-        Improved FW upgrade function. FW data was immediately written to flash memory without checking the parity of the entire data. Changed to check the parity of entire data before writing to flash memory.



-        Wrong sending the DR of the 2nd and 3rd LINK_ADR_REQ of MAC commander​.

-        Some wrong synchronized parameters of MAC Commander between app and RWC5020x​.








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